Cybertruck Design

When Cybertruck was first released, we were deeply attracted to its shape. Simple geometric shapes and stainless steel materials are combined into a product that does not seem to belong to this era, or a product not belonging to this planet.

In order to satisfy my love for Cybertruck, I studied its aesthetics and simplistic design relationship in-depth. Based on these understandings, we have created an equally outstanding fragrance product that lives up to our eagerness for it.  

Assemblage of Magnetic Adsorption Drawer 

We designed a magnetic adsorption drawer, which allows the user to replace the inner core of the diffuser more quickly and adapt to different placement scenarios in a more convenient manner, including in the air outlet in Model 3/Y. 

  • Rose Patience


    Calabrian Bergamot,Lemon,Lychee


    Watery,Honey,Egyptian Geranium,Rose Centifolia


    Sandalwood,Cedarwood,White Musk

  • Pure




    Violets,Orange blossom,Orchid



  • Santal Trouble


    Cardamom,Carrot seeds


    Lily of the Valley,Sambac Jasmine,Violet




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Diatom Mud Diffuser

It is non-toxic, environmentally-friendly and has strong water absorption. It is also known as breathing soil due to its many tiny holes. 

(This image of diatomaceous earth particles in water is at a scale of 6.236 pixels/μm, the entire image covering a region of approximately 1.13 by 0.69 mm.)

Apart from being used to diffuse fragrance, it has the following three properties: 

Air purification: Remove indoor odors as and keep the air indoors refreshing. 

Humidity Regulation: When air is dry, diatom mud releases moisture into the air; and when air is humid, diatom mud absorbs the moisture in the air. 

Release of negative ions and infrared rays: This is good for regulating micro-circulation of human body and improving the sleep quality of people. 

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Different Use Scenarios

Cybertruck fragrance is suitable for use in all kinds of scenarios in our life. Wherever it is, no matter the bedroom, office desk, or in the car, its design is remarkably eye-catching. 

Moreover, we have optimized the design for Model 3/Y, so that the fragrance pack can be inserted into the air outlet, and the diatom mud core can be replaced quickly and easily.